What is My Home Worth?

Receive a custom evaluation for your home, including comparisons to other homes that have recently sold or are on the market. This guarantees you receive the most accurate information available. To find out what your home is worth, fill out the information below:

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When you're looking for a partner to help you negotiate the complexities of selling a home, you've come to the right place. The experience, dedication and strong communication you'll receive here will help ensure the successful and profitable sale of your home:

1. Understanding the market

Markets vary from city to city and even from neighborhood to neighborhood. The value of your home is determined by fluctuating supply and demand for your type of home and location. I can review the market trends to help you determine if it is a good time for you to put your house on the market. 

2. Establishing a price

Arm yourself with facts. One of the most important factors in determining the current value of your home is the sale price of similar homes near your home that sold in the last 6 months. I will help you find and analyze the market information to establish an optimal price given the most current market conditions.

3. Calculating your bottom line

It helps to understand your expected net proceeds. This is the amount you will net after your mortgage is paid off and all expenses related to selling your home are paid. Sellers are responsible for certain closing costs which vary depending on location and how the contract is structured. I will be happy to help you calculate your net proceeds to help set financial expectations.

4. Preparing your home for sale

There are two phases when it comes to preparing your home. The first phase is getting ready for the market and the second phase is getting ready for showing. I can help you put a plan in place to get your house ready for the market. I can bring resources (such as contractors, handymen, flooring installers and staging) to help with whatever preparation would be appropriate and cost effective. 

Some maintenance or improvements will help your home sale much faster and for a greater amount than the cost to make the improvements. Other improvements may not be worth the time and effort and will not provide a good return on your investment. I will make recommendations as to what you may want to consider to produce a maximum sale price and reduce the time your home is on the market. 

5. Marketing your home

To better maximize the successful sale of your home, it is important to market to three groups: agents, neighbors and buyers. I will customize a marketing plan for your particular house and market. The plan will include online exposure with multiple popular sources, professional photography, and the development of sales materials particularly for your property.

6. Negotiating the sale

Negotiating something as personal as your home can be a stressful process. The key to remember is not to get caught-up in the emotion of the negotiation process. I will walk you through exactly what to expect and provide clear options and recommendations for each step of the process. My experience and strategies will help you achieve the best possible terms. I will be there every step of the way until closing to help ensure the sale goes smoothly. Most importantly, I will communicate frequently to keep you informed of the status. 

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